curriculum vitae

Jade’s work through expressive self-portraiture strives to explain how you can assemble your own sanctuary created to house your worries and fears when, in a way, nothing else has aided you. She uses a mixture of compositing and digital photography paired with painterly textures and intricate storytelling to create an alternate reality to the mundane. She has been very active in the art community since 2018 and is currently completing her second major series of work while finishing her degree in fine art and digital photography. 


2018 - Photographer’s Forum, “Top College and High School Photographers of 2018”
2018 - The Hand Magazine Issue 19 

2018 - Photographer’s Forum “Best of Photography 2018”

2020 - The Hand Magazine Issue 29

2020 - Your Daily Photograph 8/27

2021 - Your Daily Photograph 5/21

2021 - Marvelous Artist's Book: Collective Art Book Series No.2

2021 - Marvelous Art Gallery July Issue


2018 Group Exhibition: Arc Gallery “Dream”

2018 Group Exhibition: Emerging Artists of California LA

2018 Group Exhibition: California Fine Arts Collection

2018 Group Exhibition: Blick Santa Monica

2018 Group Exhibition: Middlebury Vermont Gallery “Fictional Narratives”

2020 Group Exhibition: Praxis Gallery "Making Strange"

2020 Group Exhibition: PhotoPlace Gallery: Constructed Reality

2021 Group Exhibition: "Conceptual" Fine Art Photography Awards

2021 Group Exhibition: "Contrasts" Millepiani Gallery Rome, Italy

2021 Group Exhibition: "Mental Health Awareness" Auburn Art Gallery

2021 Group Exhibition: "Dreams & Resilience" Marvelous Art Gallery

2021 Solo Exhibition: "Nightmare-Daydream" Marvelous Art Gallery

2021 Group Exhibition: "Abandoned" Auburn Art Gallery

2022 Group Exhibition: "Self Portraits on Fire" Art on Fire Magazine


2018 winner - California Fine Arts Collection: Award of Excellence 
2018 nomination - Photographer’s Forum “Best of Photography 2018”
2018 nomination - Photographer’s Forum “Top College and High School Photographers of 2018” 
2021 nomination - Annual Fine Art Photography Awards

2021 runner up - Auburn Art Gallery Exhibition

2021 Honorable Mention - Juliet Margaret Cameron Award: Fine Art